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Professional Commercial Cleaning in Kings Lynn

We understand how important it is to have a clean and tidy work space and what this says to your employees and clients. So, no matter what size premises you have, we understand that no two businesses requirements are exactly the same. We work with each individual, listening to their needs and in turn develop a cleaning plan tailored specifically to your business. Our cleaners work in teams and are supervised at regular intervals to ensure high standards are being kept on an ongoing basis.

Cleaning can be carried out at times to suit you and your business, whether that’s outside of office hours, early in the morning, or in the evening once the working day is done, weekdays or weekends. Plus, we can come and clean as little or often as you need, whether it’s daily, weekly or once in a while for a deep clean. We cater for all your needs so you can concentrate on the running of your business.

'Commercial carpet cleaning done right'

Commercial carpet tiles are a hard wearing and cost effective method of dressing the floors of your workplace, but they must be treated with care to maintain the look and improve the life of them.


Do you find your carpets are starting to look dirty in areas of traffic?

These areas which we call 'traffic lanes' are due to the high footfall of staff/customers walking the dirt through those key areas. 

Using the correct methods to clean these type of carpet is key to ensure a great clean and to keep that clean look for longer.

Have you ever had your carpets cleaned and they get dirty pretty quick? 

This may just be due to the current work conditions but in many cases this is because a method is used that leaves carpets wet for a longer period of time and left over detergents in the carpet. This then acts as a magnet to the dirt and begins to soil your nice newly cleaned carpet quicker!


Washaway Cleaning offer methods to tackle varying carpet type ensuring great drying times on average just 30 minutes, so if an area needs to be cleaned and used in a small space of time you can be confident it will be ready to be used when needed. Low noise level cleaning methods meaning no disruption to the busy day if maintenance cleaning during work hours and most importantly great cleaning results everytime...guaranteed!

'Let us take care of your carpets'

So whether you have a hotel and would like a deep clean of some rooms to make them presentable for booked customers or a school after a freshen up of the carpets in half term before the children come back for the new term! We are flexible to all customer requirements and can cater for large areas using our market leading equipment. Let us maintain the look of your carpets, you will wish you had came to us sooner.

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